Skyping and this week.

Well skyping on Friday was a BIG disappointment. For some reason the Skype just would not connect and that was really frustrating for everyone. The good news is it is now fixed and we managed to chat with Mr. Keelty on Tuesday at snack time. There were no children there as they had all gone home! New Zealand is 5 hours ahead of us. Hopefully we might get to meet these super keen readers next week.

This week in BOB we are going to have a battle and also start writing some reviews of the books we have been reading. We need to look at some good examples of book reviews and then start to compose our own.

Read this by a Christopher who lives in the UK.

The BFG Written by Roald Dahl
Reviewed by Christopher
The BFG is one of the best and funniest books I have ever read. In it, a girl named Sophie wakes up during “witching hour”. In the distance, she sees a tall dark figure. As it comes closer, she sees it is something she thought didn’t exist; a GIANT! But Sophie not only sees him, HE sees HER. She under the covers in her bed, but still she is carried away with the giant to be sizzled like a rasher of bacon, or so she thought. But when she gets there, she discovers he is a Big Friendly Giant who blows dreams into sleeping children’s rooms. There are also nine other giants who eat people. So begins a wild adventure to save the children around the world from them. Sophie, with the help of the BFG, “whiz poppers”, “snoozecumbers”, and the queen of England, she saves the world from devastation.
I would give this book 10 out of 10

And this one…

A Little Love Song by Michelle Magorian
Reviewed by Dominica From England
From the author of the best-selling Goodnight Mr Tom and Back home comes this spectacularly touching book above true love. A Little Love song can grip you as soon as you turn the front page. It’s a moving, warm and an unputdownable read as it portrays the joy of first love and warning readers about the risk of pregnancy. It is of a a seventeen year old girl named Rose who is in the shadow of her elder, prettier sister Diana. Because of the war, they have both been sent out of harm’s way, to a sleepy little seaside town. There they experience a whole trigger of events and a whole life times worth, and before she knows it, Rose unearths a love, a love she thought she never could have had. When she falls in love her self…Read this book to find out what happens. I can guarantee it will stay in your list of fave books forever. Definitaly one of the best books i’ve ever read! I’d give it a 10 out of 10 for everything… Enjoy!

More reviews can be found here.

Now it’s our turn. Use the following format to help structure your ideas and then share them with the world.

Book review format

I simply can’t wait see what you think.


Making recommendations.

So you love reading? Well if you volunteered to join BoB you must do, no one signs up for a club to do something they hate! However, believe it or not,  there are people out there who don’t love reading as much as we do.

Now teachers often recommend books and they are often really great book  but I think students often prefer to know what other students are reading. They like to hear what recommendations their friends are making. So your challenge is to make a list of 10 to 12 books that you love and you think would make someone love reading. They can be any genre, fiction or non fiction. These titles will then be collated into a list and placed on Qoodle so everyone can find out what great books team BoB  recommend.

Get posting your ideas!

Island of the Blue Dolphins

I really expected  not to like this. i know that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but I really thought it looked BORING. However once I got started I changed my mind.

Based on a true story, ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS shows how one smart, innovative girl uses her knowledge of the world around her to ensure her survival. Through many challenges, Karana remains intent not only on survival alone on her island, but also on making a happy life for herself, showing incredible strength of purpose. The book is full of vivid natural description, from the general geography of the island to the specific details of how Karana obtains and prepares food.” Common Sense Media

The book is based on a true story that actually makes the whole thing rather harrowing.  Read it for yourself and see what you think. I awarded it 4 stars.